Oh no! What 's happened to my PC?

My data is gone!

Who can help me? 

I know - CompuSolve specialises in Disaster Recovery!

Has this ever happened to you?

What did you do?

Did you recover those precious files in time to meet your deadline?

CompuSolve in Hillcrest just 15 minutes north of Adelaide provides a recovery service. For an initial fee, CompuSolve assesses the likelihood of any data recovery after a disaster. Then, they discuss the options with you. Mind you, it is not a quick fix. Depending on the damage done, you may have to wait a week or more just to find out what damage was done.

A data recovery takes time - and it takes a lot longer than we charge for. We talk about person hours - when a specialist is actually working on your hard disk. We do not charge for machine hours, when the expert has set the recovery process in motion and we are waiting for results.

At the end of the assessment time, CompuSolve then discusses your options with you and gives you a quote on what can be done. It is then up to you.

No matter what you decide, CompuSolve does not let you leave without trying to prevent another such incident, and will explain the importance of routines and backups, and offering to help you set up a routine.

If you do need our services, you can rest assured that CompuSolve will do its best to help with disaster recovery,  prevention and training in backup routines to help prevent a future disaster. Remember your data is too precious.  Ask CompuSolve to design a backup routine to protect your business. A small outlay now could save your business from floundering after a serious data loss.

Don't run recovery disks after a data loss, they rewrite over your precious files and make it very difficult for a successful recovery.

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